Who are we and why are you going to love us?
CryptoMove will be a 100% DECENTRALIZED system, which uses the network of computers from the users to run all data processing, ensuring its perpetual work. Using the same technology that makes Bitcoin to be indestructible, this system CAN NOT BE SEIZED OR BLOCKED. The data parts are validated by several personal computers, making the system not only decentralized but also distributed. A social movement, immune to human interference. Our mission is to introduce crypto-economics to the as many people as possible. A system that will start a financial revolution and a gift to everyone that desires real freedom. For this, CryptoMove browser has several opportunities for you to get involved with the market, from becoming a miner, who earns Bitcoins while browsing your favorite sites, up to create a network of referrals with unlimited earnings through a super affiliate program.
Within CryptoMove you will find several ways to earn Bitcoins, and more new ways will be added! You have the choice to use the ones that best fit your style. You can only mine Bitcoins while browsing the internet, or you can choose other business modules to interact with and even leverage your profits with the power of network commissions. See how each game works, choose what you like best and enjoy winning Bitcoins alone or with your friends. A new rule is arising. Now, it's your time!

CryptoMove is a libertarian movement that takes cryptocurrencies to people. With 2x, you can double your BTCs faster than you ever seen before! Select an option, donate this sum of BTC to the system and indicate two people to do the same. When you do this, the system qualifies you to receive donations daily until the amount you donated doubles. We promise that the speed will be beyond your expectations. Try and see for yourself, how simple and fast this is!

Transparency is the best safety measure. Who wants to earn a return over the amount of bitcoins you have? We created a system that is completely transparent, where you can follow it's success and growth by monitoring the wallet holding all value received by Qtum fund. Using transparency of blockchain, this system will allow you know exactly how much was collected, how much has been paid to participants and it's current balance. A simple system with transparency that you can trust, without the unpleasant surprises from 99% of the systems that you've probably heard in the market.

Mine bitcoins while browsing on the Internet. This module is the first and easier to everyone. With the CryptoMove browser you can earn bitcoins while browsing by your preferred websites. In addition, you can boost your earnings by indicating CryptoMove browser to other people, so they can gain bitcoins while surfing the Internet. As you gain bitcoins mining alone, you also get a percentage of bitcoins mined by your network of referrals. See how much you can earn.

Help develop the next module. Our goal is to create systems that you love! For this, we will always seek new ideas on the market and offer them here. Besides proven successful ideas, we will also assemble new projects based on your suggestions. Soon to announce, we will ask for you how would you like the next module to be. Stay tuned and help US build it.